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PA500 and PA300 pharma - Polishing machines for tablet press punches and dies

Automatic polishing solutions for tabletting tools


Nortec - Industrial solutions - Automatic high polishing solutions for tablet tooling

PA300 pharma

Automatic machine for micro-fine polishing of tablet press punches. PA300 pharma - model especially designed for pharmaceutical customers.

It characterizes high quality of manufacturing, stainless steel covering and construction elements, using of the touch screen control panel with user-friendly menu available in different languages.

Machine built in compliance whith the latest regulations of FDA, cGMP, GAMP. Nortec offer also qualification documentation IQ/OQ with ready to fill qualification tests.


Polishing machine designed by Nortec allows to polish in automatic cycle up to 48 punches of format EU19 (B) and up to 36 punches of format EU1"-441 (D).


Holders are predesigned to fit whole set of upper or lower punches from the most common production tablet press sizes.

The polishing process

In the PA300 pharma machine Nortec use known and checked way of dry polishing with the polishing granulate and paste.

Holders with punches are plunged and dragged in hopper filled with walnut shel granulate mixed with special polishing paste with proper content of aluminium oxide.


Each of three holddrs rotates with increased speed  omparing to the whole polishing head.

This system guarantees access of the graulate to each side of the punch.


The average time of the polishing cycle is about 30-40 minutes and of course depends on the punches condition before polishing.

Operator can precisely set the parameters of the process as total polishing time, direction time right/left, speed of the polishing head.

polishing effects

Punch tip before polishing ...


... after polishing

Punch shaft before polishing ...


... after polishing

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benefits of polishing

 Why to polish press tools?



Polishing of tabletting tools is necessary to keep the quality of the pressing surfaces (tips).


By polishing we can enhance the roughness of the pressing surfaces and eliminate the tendency of the tablet to stick.


Smooth surface of a tip reduces friction during tabletting, when punch rotates during compression (round tablets).


Smooth surfaces of the punch shaft can reduce the punch tightness in tablet presses


Cleaning of polished punches is easier and more effective

Polishing media

To achive excellent results we offer following proven polishing compounds:



Walnut granulate type WG 02/04 with particle size 0,250 – 0,425 mm


Grinding oil for impregnation of the granulate


Polishing paste type PP8 based on powdered aluminium oxide

Die holder



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