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The company «Lori Engineering Office» offer to you premium service for the needs of the production.

We advice and trade in qualitative excelent products from market and innovation leaders.


We offer solutions to you for the production-process in the following branches of industry: Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Biotechnology, Cosmetics and Food Industry; likewise for Building material, Plastic, Metallurgical and Environmental Industry.


In cooperation with our innovative and experienced partners we are developing highly professional solutions to your various demands.

Our technical expertise and vast experience are the basic principles for our customized solutions. We support you along your different project steps, from the first evaluation up to production start-up.

Production security and protection of investment are not just words to us but a guarantee to you due to our commitment and cooperation with market and innovation leaders.

Strong partnership is a result of quality-oriented teamwork and the commitment of each member to achieve sustained success for your business.

 The product range

Packaging technology for effervescent tablets



medipac - specialized in machines for effervescent tablets


The tube filling machines are based on the use of centrifugal force to orientate the tablets as they pass trough rotating tubes.

medipac have also developed a superior system for packing single effervescent tablets in foil strips togehter with one leading manufacturer of sealing units.



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IE Engineering



Excellence im Industriebau.

Die IE Engineering Group arbeitet in überschaubaren, flexiblen und branchenorientierten Einheiten. Ingenieure der jeweiligen Branche, Architekten und Bauplaner betreuen die Kunden ganzheitlich - von der ersten Investitionsidee über die Auswahl der Produktionstechnik, die Betriebs- und Logistikplanung bis zur Generalplanung von An-, Um- und Neubauten.